WHY FALCON?  – Biggin Hill’s longest-established flying school

For nearly 30 years we have invested in both our School infrastructure and the many students and pilots who have worked side by side with us. Our ethos revolves around the idea that if we look after everyone, then it filters down throughout the business.


We are a dynamic school with our best practices coming from one another, pushing forth new challenges and ideas. This not only betters ourselves, but also benefits your training programme.


Our school trains many of our own instructors. We believe that training our own instructors in-house is the best way to make sure that you receive the best experience possible. Our instructors come from both Civilian and Military backgrounds so we know that to become a great Pilot, there is no set formula. We are confident that everyone here is passionate and competent at what they do, and this filters down to our students.


Here at Falcon we know you will find as much joy in flying as we do. Whether your course is for fun or as a step towards your next career, let us lead the way.

Established since 1977

As one of the oldest schools around, we pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality training.

Fun for the all family

Why not become a Pilot and take the kids out for a spin? Why not take Mum and Dad across to France for the day?

40 minutes from London

As one of the closest schools to Central London, we attract students from all over the South-East.


It means that we adhere to strict safety & regulatory policy and guidelines set out by the industry.

Our students say…

“Gaining my PPL is my greatest achievement and was made even more special by learning at such a great and well run flight school. This stems from the quality of the aircraft on offer and the high level of instructing experienced throughout my training. I would thoroughly recommend Falcon.”
Sam F.