Commercial Pilots Licence

All of our Professional Pilot courses are conducted under our sister approval Falcon Flight Training Academy Limited GBR ATO 0144.


In order to receive remuneration for flying, you are required to hold a Commercial Pilot Licence. With such a variety of executive traffic at London Biggin Hill Airport, as a student you will truly be immersed in the world of commercial aviation.


Becoming a professional pilot is an extremely prestigious achievement; however there is a duty of care and responsibility for all of your passengers. This applies whether you are flying solo in a small Cessna, or flying as part of the crew on a Boeing 747. The CPL course is conducted on a full-time basis and a successful pre-acceptance flight with your instructor is required before starting the course.


The pre-acceptance flight is simply to ensure you are of the necessary standard prior to embarking on the course. We want to make sure that all of your training with us is of benefit to you.


By guiding you accordingly, we aim to assist you with become an outstanding aviator. The course requires a large amount of dedication however the reward in the end, is most certainly worth it.


The Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to fly for “hire and reward”, except as pilot in command of an aircraft requiring two pilots (such as a Boeing 737) . As such, the CPL is the professional licence that every commercial pilot holds until they gain their ATPL later in their career.

The CPL course covers the same aspects of visual flying as the PPL, but to a more fine standard. The training aircraft used is a more advanced, “complex” single engine aircraft with retractable undercarriage and a variable pitch propeller.

Pre-Entry Requirements

Current PPL with Night Qualification


150 hours total flying time (200 required for licence issue, including hours on CPL course)


100 of the above hours have to be solo or as pilot in command


A pass in all 14 ATPL examinations or CPL specific theory examinations


Current Class 1 Medical


18 years of age


Pre-acceptance flight test

Course Duration

Approx 4-6 weeks full-time, subject to weather and other factors


25 hours flying as a minimum; plus flight test

Theory Syllabus

Theory is covered as part of the ATPL Theory Course. All subjects have to be passed before CPL training can commence


The CPL has to be obtained within 36 months from passing all theory examinations


While we do not currently have the approvals for ATPL theory, we would be more than happy to recommend another training provider for you

Flight Training Syllabus

25 Hours Dual Instruction comprising of:


Initial training: General handling and navigation to CPL standard


Basic Instrument Flying: Flying with sole reference to instruments


 “Complex” Aircraft Familiarisation: Conversion training, general handling, navigation and instrument flight in an aircraft with retractable undercarriage and a variable pitch propeller


The course finishes with consolidation and a flight test with a CAA approved examiner

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CPL Information Pack

Our students say…

“Gaining my PPL is my greatest achievement and was made even more special by learning at such a great and well run flight school. This stems from the quality of the aircraft on offer and the high level of instructing experienced throughout my training. I would thoroughly recommend Falcon.”
Sam F.