Night Rating

With a night rating, you can make full use of the extended airport opening hours without having to rush back before official night.


Just 5 hours of training – No written or flight tests!

The Night Qualification course will build on the skills that you developed as part of your PPL and adapt them for use in the dark. Once issued, you can fly with or without passengers (subject to currency requirements) and take advantage of the generally smoother and less turbulent conditions that prevail at night.


Before starting the night rating you will need to have a PPL with a valid SEP(L) rating and a medical with no restrictions on flying at night.


Although the CAA states that no official ground school is required, your experienced instructor will guide you through the various human performance, air law and technical aspects that come with flying at night.

Pre Entry Requirements

Hold a UK CAA or EASA PPL(A) or LAPL(A) with a current SEP rating


Hold a current medical with no night restrictions

Whats Included

4 hours dual training


1 hour solo flying


3 Landings


Course Membership


Ground briefings

Whats not Included

Fuel surcharges (when levied)


Away Landing and Circuit fees


CAA and examiner fees


Biggin Hill Circuit fees


All hours or landings over and above those included with this package

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Night Rating Information Pack

Our students say…

“Gaining my PPL is my greatest achievement and was made even more special by learning at such a great and well run flight school. This stems from the quality of the aircraft on offer and the high level of instructing experienced throughout my training. I would thoroughly recommend Falcon.”
Sam F.