Private Hire and Training Rates

All of our aircraft are available for private hire and dual training with an instructor. You can choose from one of our packages or ‘pay as you fly options’



EFG students say…

I have been with EFG for almost 2 years and I have finally for my Private Pilot’s Licence very recently. It has been a joy to learn at EFG. The staff are friendly, truly helpful and extremely knowledgeable. The instructors are extremely experienced with a wealth of knowledge and this does make all the difference. There are many instructors and examiners at EFG to suit your needs. There are many aircraft and it is very rare that one is not available. I am very thankful to EFG for everything they have done for me, they have been wonderful! I plan to fly from there for a long while yet as I adventure more with my pilot licence, knowing that I have a wealth of experience to fall back on.”
Dan A.